Horsebox Storage



Horsebox Storage

We offer horsebox storage for any size boxes or trailers. Whether it’s an Oakley Supremacy or a Rice trailer, we’ve got a space for you. We’ll ensure that your horsebox is parked in an accessible position allowing you to get it out whenever you need it. 

Both long & short term storage is available. There are no lengthy minimum term contracts. Just no nonsense horsebox storage in North Devon.

Our site is fully secure with security fencing, CCTV and hard standing throughout. Our friendly team are on hand to ensure you have a hassle free experience and leave with the knowledge & confidence that your horsebox is safely stored until you need it next. We have a fleet of vehicles to assist you with any onsite trailer movements. Our team can have your trailer right by the gate for when you arrive.  

We offer storage for all types of horseboxes at competitive prices. This includes trailers, 2-boxes, 7.5t lorries and bigger! No matter the horsebox, give us a call to book storage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The whole perimeter of our site is extremely secure & we have the latest CCTV in operation. We aim to minimise any movement / traffic on site and utilise digital solutions for traceability of movements such as ANPR cameras.

We will be installing an automated electric gate entry system linked to ANPR cameras so only people with a legitimate interest will be able to gain access to the site.

All of our security system is monitored by our team during office hours and then a manned monitoring centre overnight.

We also have regular overnight patrols by a specialist security company. 

A steel fence in the foreground with CCTV cameras on a telegraph pole behind in a vehicle and caravan storage facility in Barnstaple, North Devon