In order to maintain the high standard of security for which our facility is known, before entering into a contract the following documents will need to be provided upon arrival to the boats and tows team. We reserve the right to refuse entry and cancel a booking if we suspect any kind of illegal activity.

We will also need to keep a spare key for any hitch lock/security device so we can move your trailer/vehicle in an emergency. These are kept in a secure key safe for the duration of the storage.

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× A women looks at her motorhome in a beach car park Motorhome Storage (Monthly) £50.00 on the 1st of each month with £50.00 paid up front
£50.00 on the 1st of each month with £50.00 paid up front

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Subtotal £78.33
Total £78.33
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Subtotal £50.00 / month
Recurring total £50.00 / month
First renewal: 1 July 2024